Alex Jones’ APOLOGY & Media’s Absurd Pro-Pedo Meltdown

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David Seaman 

The Daily “Beast,” which is partially owned by a company Chelsea Clinton serves on the board of, is devoting an enormous amount of digital ink to “debunking” Pizzagate. So why can’t they address any of Podesta’s emails, which is what started Pizzagate? Also, weird late night outburst from a reporter with links to Comet Pizza, later deleted.

These people protest too much. 5 months into this scandal and “mainstream” outlets like The Daily Beast still refuse to publish Podesta’s leaked emails, or to seek comment from DHS or FBI officials on what the code language employed by Podesta might mean… now why is that not done? Seems relevant. Unlike Alex Jones, I will never apologize for following simple logic and going where the trail of data leads, nor will any of my researchers.

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