BIX NEWS: Trump’s “Smooth Landing” Will Fail (“Horn of Zeese”)

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Let’s get one thing straight, although I want the Good Guy’s plan to work out…I don’t think it will as Plan B is the only way to fix the problems. A faction of the “Good Guys” that are supporting Trump and trying to create a Smooth Landing for the United States so that the harshness of everyone losing everything isn’t so harsh.
Although I applaud the attempt, I’m with the other faction of the Good Guys that say a total and complete collapse is the ONLY way to fix the problem. TRILLIONS of illicit offshore funds need to be wiped clean from the system and the only way to do that is to destroy the ENTIRE unbacked fiat system.
The attempt to “save the system” is running long in the tooth and Plan B may be just around the corner…
Plan B is the total and complete destruction of the system. A Creative Destruction Event so we can start fresh.
It’s the only way…in my opinion.

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