Day 132 – Hillary’s Henchmen, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1

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George Webb 

Published on Mar 4, 2017

Capitol Police Helper Version – Time For FBI?
Enter Natalia Sova, Wife of Abid Awan

Two New Awan Family Members Emerge

We’re the Awan Brothers the Capital Hill Burglars This Month?

Navy Seal’s Dad Has Right To Know Who Killed His Son

Ratlines Leave Footprints, Especially Organ Harvesting

McCabe’s Trip To White House To Shop Russia Hoax Truth Backfires

Trump Closes In On FBI Leaker Andrew McCabe

Could Covert Group Really Exist In America? You Don’t Know DynCorp

Enter Peter Thiel’s Palatir With DynCorp Space Contracts

Russian Ambassador Churkin Probably Won’t Press Kosovo Organ Harvesting Inquiry Now

Assange Tweets About CIA $600M Contract With WaPo

Enter the Wolf of Wall Street, Steve Feinberg, to Investigate Chicken Disappearances

Donna Shalala and OKC Baptist, Nazih Zuhdi

Enter Donna Shall and Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency

Enter Paul Helliwell and the Havana Christmas Conference of 1946

Ashton Kushner vs General Michael Flynn

143 Pages of DynCorp Sheriffs in One Day

DynCorp Sheriffs Working List…

Taking Advantage of Marital Troubles.

Enter Jacques Paul Klein, Architect of Atrocities

Enter Bob Mosier, Sheriff Fauquier County, Virginia

Damage Control Time For Trafficking Ops

3 Muslim Brothers Making 160K at US Gov’t Hack HPSCI, DHS, HCFA

No Mug Shots For Project Underground Railroad

TransMedic “Heart In A Box”, Fresher Hearts

Sons of Anarchy is based on a True Story

Going Undercover With Valerie Plaime

Enter Paret Petroleum and Samy’s Refrigerated Transportation

DynCorp’s USA Marijuana – Picking Winners And Losers

Brown Brothers Harriman, Cerberus Capital/Dyncorp, Same Thing

From Vaccine To Harvest – Chicago Slaughterhouse II

Enter Cemex, Shorebank, and Seaboard with Decameron Hotels

DynCorp Infiltration of America’s Sheriffs, Your County

CIA Has Always Been Fascinated With Organ Transplantation

DynCorp – Your Parts Are Our Parts

Soros Riots and Impeachment Talk, DynCorp Needed To Maintain Order?

Puello, Wanted In Four Countries For Sex Trafficking, Contacts #HRCRATLINE

Cord Blood, Vigilantes, and Glen Beck

Mr. Virus, Meet Mr. Vaccine – We Make Money Both Ways

You Won’t Believe How Much Your Body Is Worth

CIA/FBI/DHS Sidestepping Assessment Paperwork With Operation Underground Railroad

Enter the Navy Hospital Ship “Comfort”

From Homan Square Chicago to Cleveland Clinic

Operation Underground Railroad – Convincing Good Mormons You Are A Bad Guy

Public Private Partnerships, Public R&D, Private Profits

Social Justice Kids at State Dept.

Operation Underground Railroad, Dupont Underground Tiles

Organ Harvesting in Kosovo

The Pope’s Mafia Inside USSS, The Disorderly Orderly

Enter the Godfather, Doug Coe, The Brotherhood

Jeff Rense Show – Organ Harvest To Make Life Better For Donors

Changing Series Name to “DynCorp, Haiti, and Me” Now

DynCorp = 650,000 Emails, Metadata Proves It

CIA Revenge Groups, Gary Webb, and Slipknot Girls

The Real Heart of Darkness

Bodybags to Ft Bragg, Shades of Jeffrey McDonald?

Kidnapping Teams, Inserting Contras, Cell Phone Triage

Osprey Global, Team Rubicon, and DynCorp 1 , 2 , 3

Satellite, Surveillance, Red Teams, and Palantir

Israel’s James Bond, Bob Maxwell

Slow and Subtle Wins the Race for DynCorp – How Few Operatives and Informants It Takes

Oil, Arms, DynCorp, UN Peacekeepers, Rape, Child Traffic, Organ Harvest, All One Thing

Haiti – Kidnapping and Rape By UN Troops

Heart of Darkness – Jungle Cruise to Congo’s Uranium Mines.

The Coming Partition of Haiti, Sudan, Congo Repeats

Monica Petersen’s 100 Page Thesis, BMP in Haiti

Ulfkotte Said CIA Planted Sarin Gas Stories For Gaddafi and Saddam

Ude Ulfkotte Dies of Investigative Journalism

Cell Phone Records and Email Metadata Unwind the Conspiracy

DynCorp Police Training, Franchising Sex Entrapment

Immunity for All 19 State Dept Gmail Conspirators?

DynCorp Gov’t Contracts Need To Be Reviewed

DynCorp – Child Trafficking, Sexual Entrapment, Asset Seizure

DynCorp Contracts Come Under Chaffetz Microscope

Comey Has Had Marc Rich’s Documents For 30 Years

Who Killed Monica Petersen?

FB Group #HRCRatLine

Due to the very large number of citations and sources, I now publish them with each slide. I try to order New York Times Pulitzers first, then former NYT Pulitzer winners, then New York Times writers. Any other reputable source like WaPo, WaTimes, Tribune, LA Times, Seattle P-I, etc are then list. Then second tier media followed by alternative media.

Murdered journalist and investigators get a higher ranking than remotely sourced stories through offshore news funnels like SOHR.…

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