Welcome to Alt Reality (#2) – Fix for Youtube!

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Welcome to Alt Reality (#2) – Fix for YouTube in which i present a technical fix that will impact the business problems facing YouTube as a result of the Advertiser Boycott.

Many of the business problems besetting YouTube, and the advertisers on the platform can be addressed at a technical level. There is a very high degree of video noise to signal ratio with ‘claimed’, and stolen content proliferating due to how YouTube is structured at a technical level. This ability to ‘game the system’ against YouTube would be greatly corrected by a very simple solution i propose in this video.

Part of a playlist demonstrating that the ‘advertiser boycott’ is merely the pinnacle of an on-going, and growing, problem i began discussing mid last year.

So far as has been published, none of the real issues troubling YouTube will be solved by the approach they are publicly taking. In my obviously warped technical opinion.

If there were no way to appropriate video content, then each video creator could be more easily held accountable by YouTube for TOS violations. Further, they could much more easily be identified, validated, and authenticated (based on body of work and audience response), than with the current ‘wild west video-as-cattle rustler mentality’ on the platform.

So a technical fix for a root level problem is presented. Implemented, the platform changes for the better from the floor upward. What remains would be the business problem that may, just may, be able to be addressed via policy changes.

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